Young Leaders Summit 2022 Keynote Dr. Esmeralda Adame

January 2021 | Vol.3, Iss. 5

My passion is to give back and my heart is in the community! I enjoy mentoring, guiding, and leading others to advance. My desire is to be a role model, assist others to find their purpose, reach their goals and encourage them to give back.

Dr. Esmeralda Adame, Consulting Firm, LLC

Ambassadors at the Young Leaders’ Summit anxiously waited as Abigail Pena, Los Fresnos High School Ambassador, introduced the keynote speaker, Dr. Esmeralda Adame. They anticipated hearing a great speech from a highly educated lady, and they were correct.

Adame began by telling students she’d talk to them about what it takes to be a leader. Despite being from Mexico, she mentioned that her mantra is “Si se puede!” She stated that the mere fact that students were attending the Young Leaders Summit already put them ahead of the game. 

Adame, a mechanical engineer whose career is nontraditional for women, told the students, “Go Big! You’re not married to your degree.” She mentioned this because, in addition to her career, she is also a mentor, podcaster, leader, Persistence in Adversity Founder, consultant, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, educator, executive director, and driving collaborator. 

Adame allowed students to express their ideas on what leadership means to them. They were also given time to name people they considered leaders. 

After much discussion on leadership qualities, Adame reminded students, “Take care of your character. It will last you the rest of your life. Follow the Golden Rule.” She concluded by saying, “Have ganas. Be persistent. Be Thankful.” 

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