Virtual Field Study Initiative: A•L•A Summer Teacher Externships

Vol. 2, Iss. 7 | March 2021

“Living in a Virtual World!”

It sounds like a song title, but the reality is that, until the pandemic is completely under control, many of RGV LEAD’s programs will live in a virtual world! As is the case in the Academic Leadership Alliance (A•L•A) Summer Educator Externship Program.

RGV LEAD and the A•L•A planning committee met to discuss what a virtual externship might look like for participating school districts. Educators will continue to meet with business employers as they have in the past, but rather than meet for two or three weeks, the externship could be for one week, and it would be virtual. Educators will take virtual tours and will learn about the business’s history and mission. The externs can use the experience to build bridges with their employers to provide future work-based learning partnerships. They will also use the Rio Grande Valley labor market report to create a curriculum for the coming school year. Real-world problems can be implemented in the A•L•A curriculum which will enable the employer and educator to work together to develop capstone projects.

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