Mar. 2023 | Vol.4, Iss. 7

TRPN Working Teams Meet to Discuss Mid-Year Reports


Several representatives from the Texas Regional Pathways Net-work in the Rio Grande Valley met with Dr. Norma Salaiz and Janie Johnston Lopez, RGV LEAD Conveners, to discuss mid year reports. In addition, the conveners shared with the TRPN high schools the Career Development Continuum and men-tioned that their students, along with other Rio Grande Valley high school Career & Technical Education students, will have an opportunity to compete for this year’s Young Entrepreneurs of the RGV Challenge. Through this competition, the teams will gain insight on how to run a successful business. Taking skills they are learning in the TRPN pathway classes and exe-cuting them in a business is a perfect example of how they are following the pathway continuum.
If you are interested in having your students participate in the Young Entrepreneurs of the RGV Challenge, contact Eliza Groff at

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