Vol. 2, Iss. 8 | April 2021

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Work-Based Learning Mentoring Program Introduced

If you are asked, “Who was your mentor in life”, what would your answer be? Would it be the coach who motivated you, your teacher who inspired you, your parents who supported you, the counselor who ad-vised you, or someone who just happened to be there for you at a time you needed him or her? Whomever it was, that person may have been the one who helped you make some critical decisions such as the college you attended or the career choice you made. Maybe that mentor helped build your self-confidence so you could take charge of your actions! Your mentor had your back in many ways when times were good; and when times were tough! Educators in the TRPN districts attended training provided by RGV LEAD’s RGV Mentors Program to gain an understanding of how to implement a mentoring program in their districts.

The RGV Mentors training provided insight on mentor and mentee selections, codes of conduct, meeting suggestions, topics of discussion, etc.  The mentoring program will be incorporated into a work-based learning program to enable students in construction, health science, renewable energy, and welding to meet with business partners in the same career field as their career pathways. The goal is for students to gain a sound foundation in the soft skills needed in today’s job market, an understanding of careers in the mentor’s field of training, and guidance in finding a path to lead them to a successful career. Districts interested in the RGV Mentors training can contact Eliza Groff at egroff@rgvlead.org for more information.

Pictured are several district representatives attending the RGV LEAD Mentor Program training. 

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