TRPN News: Donna ISD Provides Welding Lab Tour

Jan. 2024 Newsletter | Vol. 5 | Is. 6

On February 20th, Donna ISD Texas Regional Pathway Network welding pathway students provided a virtual tour of the two DISD welding labs to the TRPN Cohort 4 districts. The tour began at Donna High School, where instructor Mr. Garza and his students led viewers of the original DISD lab, followed by DNHS
instructor Mr. Balderas, who showed how Donna North welding students are transitioning into their new lab at their home campus. Balderas also showed viewers where the construction site is at Donna North for the new outdoor welding facility that is currently being built.

CTE Director Mr. Leal has announced that plans are in place for welding students to do work-based learning soon. RGV LEAD looks forward to sharing these experiences with the Rio Grande Valley.

Stay tuned!

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