TRPN News: Advisory Board Meeting & Virtual WBL Student Training

Jan. 2024 Newsletter | Vol. 5 | Is. 7

Dr. Norma Salaiz and Janie Johnston Lopez, RGV LEAD Texas Regional Pathways Intermediary team members, participated in Vanguard Academy Charter School’s Advisory Board luncheon on March 8th from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. They heard presentations from the TRPN law enforcement and welding pathways.

Work-based Learning

RGV LEAD Texas Regional Pathways Network Intermediary team members Yolanda Cazarez, Janie Johnston Lopez, Dr. Norma Salaiz, and Dr. Marcos Silva recently held a virtual meeting with law enforcement and welding high school TRPN students from Donna ISD, Raymondville ISD, and Vanguard Academy. The meeting aimed to discuss ways for students to document their work-based learning (WBL) experiences. Some of the ideas mentioned were: take pictures at work, write essays about work experiences, create brochures with pictures from work and what was learned at work, advertise the TRPN pathway on a school marquee, and create a video about work.

Documenting their WBL experience allows students to reflect on the employability skills they have learned, the connection between their high school classes and work, and their connection to future employment after high school. All documents will be submitted to Jobs for the Future and the Texas Education Agency. What a great way to let others across the state hear about the extraordinary work experiences in the Rio Grande Valley!

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