Texas Regional Pathways

Oct 2022 | Vol.4, Iss. 2

RGV LEAD is proud to introduce TRPN partners, Mr. Albert Bryom, San Perlita ISD Superintendent, and Ms. Annette Arredondo, high school principal.

We proudly serve San Perlita, Port Mansfield, and the surrounding communities. We believe in the potential of every child and strive to provide them with educational opportunities that meet their individual needs. Education is more than just preparing students for a test. It is about preparing them for life. Our graduates have become successful in college, the military, and the workforce. They are bankers, accountants, law enforcement officers, and teachers. They work in the farms and the fields and fish in the bays. Many of them have brought their own children back to San Perlita ISD. What makes our kids successful is quite simply that they work hard. They understand that education is essential, regardless of their post-secondary plans. They believe in the importance of making the most of what they’re given and competing at the highest levels in academics and extracurricular activities. We have high expectations for all our students and look forward to working with you to help them achieve their dreams. ~ Albert Bryom, Superintendent, San Perlita ISD

RGV LEAD is excited that the Donna North Welding Ambassadors, Jeremy Salazar, Sergio Lara, Bryan Salinas, Edgar Otero, and DeAndre Moody, were selected for their leadership roles in welding. The RGV LEAD/TRPN Ambassadors attended the RGV LEAD Fall Training Workshop, where the-learned what it takes to be an ambassador and how they play an essential leadership role in representing Donna North High School. They were engaged in networking activities which they will be able to share with other TRPN students when they return to campus.

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