TRPN Cohort 4 Campus Working Team

Jan. 2024 Newsletter | Vol. 5 | Is. 5

It’s midway through the school year, and reports are expected to be due by the end of January. Representatives from Donna ISD, Raymondville ISD, and Vanguard Academy met with Dr. Norma Salaiz and Janie Johnston Lopez, RGV LEAD Texas Regional Pathways Network intermediary team members, to review the information due on the report.

The school districts are focusing on Law, Public Safety, and Manufacturing CTE Programs of Study as part of the TRPN Grant.

Plans are in place for a virtual tour of the Donna ISD welding labs and training on A Day in the Life in Work-Based Learning activities. Both pathways are considered high-demand careers that will provide job opportunities for students in the future.

The Cohort 4 Continuation concludes in August of 2024.

TRPN Regional Leadership Meeting was held on January 30, 2024. The TRPN mid-year data reports will be consolidated and submitted to JFF/TEA. The three districts funded by the Texas Regional Pathway Network grant are Donna ISD, Vanguard Academy, and Raymondville ISD.
~ Dr. Norma Salaiz

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