Vol. 2, Iss. 2 | October 2020

This Friday, finish your work and be done.
Look forward to the weekend and have some fun!
~ Luis

Thought for the Month
October 2020

Have you stopped to think that there are 60 hours in the weekend? That sounds like a lot, so why is it that when Monday morning comes around, we find ourselves asking, “Where did the weekend go!” We look at the two highly-anticipated days, and we can’t figure out what we did! We might think we just slept through it!

Maybe, after a long and stressful workweek, we should make a list of things we’d like to do on the much-coveted two days off. We don’t need to go overboard planning (after all, we do that all week), but simple planning might make the weekend more meaningful. Set aside some time to walk in the park or drive down to the beach for lunch. Spend time with a loved one or call an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. Go fly a kite! Pick up a new hobby. Read a book and unplug the electronics. Make time to enjoy sitting in your garden and watch butterflies fluttering around your plants. Exercise by gardening, sweeping your fr ont porch, raking, etc. – you’ll feel rewarded for your efforts!

Whatever it is you choose to do on those priceless days off, one thing is for sure – if you pace yourself through the workweek, the weekend will truly be your reward. So, look forward to the weekend and have some fun!


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