Summer Externship at Rio Grande Regional Hospital

July 2023 | Vol.4, Iss. 11

Summer Externship at Rio Grande Regional Hospital

When RGV LEAD summer teacher externs Ediel Perez and Jose Adan Guerra, were informed that they would be doing their externship at the Rio Grande Regional Hospital, they had no idea the eye-opening experiences they would receive! Christine Chizek, Rio Grande Regional Hospital Market Director of Clinical Professional Development, had a line-up of hospital business departments where the educators could observe and interact with medical and business employees.

Once the two gentlemen were finished with the marketing orientation and IT presentation, they met with the hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Alfred Mascorro. He is an experienced nurse who helps manage finances, enforce policies, and connect patients with the necessary care.  Then, they met with the hospital’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Jaimin Modi, whose job is to oversee all major administrative decisions and policies. Another business area where they could gather information to return to their students was from the Human Resource Coordinator, Dalia Rodriguez.

Leaving no stone unturned, Chizek produced a great opportunity for Guerra and Perez to meet with the Director of Health Information Management, Roni Ramirez; Laura Disque, CEO; and CFO Joe Vela.

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