Jan. 2023 | Vol.4, Iss. 5

Sharyland ISD Annual RGV LEAD Mentoring Program Begins

Time is tight! Students are busy trying to keep up with daily assignments, extracurricular activities, social life, and all the good things about being a teenager. So, when do they have time to meet with a mentor, and when does a mentor have time to meet with students? After all, business partners are also pressed for time. Leave it to Sharyland ISD to find a solution to the mentoring challenge. The high schools will partner with businesses this year during the students’ project-based school period. Students work in groups to complete a specific project for the year. They will meet with their mentors to get advice on executing the project.

One example from Sharyland Pioneer is that one group of students is concerned about school spirit, so their goal is to research ways to improve school spirit. Another group is determined to improve student participation in school projects. In the meeting with their mentor, they will explore ways to succeed in their projects. The mentor will assist them with a timeline, pose questions about the project, and mentor them on how project-based activities relate to their daily life and future.

The mentors will meet with proteges once or twice a month and conclude at the end of the spring semester. If you are interested in starting a mentoring program, contact Eliza Groff at egroff@rgvlead.org.

Pictured with the mentor, Janie Johnston Lopez, is Sharyland Pioneer Project-Based Learning instructor Krystal Ma-ta and senior students: Joseph Graham, Miranda Luna, Adriana Galvan, Kaleb De Luna, and Julia Gomez.

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