Sharyland ISD Continues RGV LEAD Mentor Program

Jan. 2024 Newsletter | Vol. 5 | Is. 7

Mentoring a young student in employability skills, soft skills, college/ career awareness, and life lessons is one of the best ways to give back to high school students who long to get advice from those who have been there and done that.

Sharyland ISD continues offering its students the mentoring program RGV LEAD initiated several years ago. The format has changed to meet the district’s needs, but the principle remains the same—guiding students by helping them demonstrate their communication skills, initiative, and motivation.

Sharyland ISD Mentor Program 2024

Students meet with mentors for advice on their business plan proposals and project goals. The students will enter the Student Start-Up Roundup competition, sponsored partly by RGV LEAD, in April, where the 1st place winner receives $1500.

It’s safe to say the students welcome their mentors’ ideas and suggestions, so now is a great time to start mentoring!

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