Senior RGV LEAD Regional Ambassadors Honored

Apr. 2023 | Vol.4, Iss. 8

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since the RGV LEAD Regional Ambassadors were created! Yes, in 2013, approximately fifty enthusiastic high school students desired to hone their leadership skills, so they applied to become Regional Ambassadors. Today, that number has soared well above the three-hundred mark! Instrumental in creating the RGV LEAD Regional Ambassadors are Dr. Norma Salaiz, former RGV LEAD director and one influential RGV LEAD Board member supporting the initiative, and Julian Alvarez, Lone Star Bank Senior Vice President of Business Development.

Fast forward to April 25, 2023, and Salaiz and Alvarez were present at the RGV LEAD Regional Ambassador Senior Award Ceremony. Senior ambassadors from the following high schools attended: Brownsville Lopez High School and Rivera High School. Brownsville Veteran’s High School, La Feria High School, La Joya Juarez-Lincoln High School, La Joya High School, La Joya Palmview High School, Lyford High School, Mercedes High School, Mercedes Early College High School, Mission High School, Mission Veterans High School, Mozart Academy.

Cledia Hernandez, Texas State Technical College Vice Chancellor, and Chief External Relations Officer, was an honorary guest who shared inspiring words of wisdom with future leaders. One message she wanted the students to walk away with was, “Let our hard work be your signature.”

Pictured above right: Alvarez, Hernandez, De Leon, and Rodriguez.
Center picture: La Feria High School Ambassador seniors; Bottom right: La Joya Palmview Ambassador seniors.

The ambassadors were served a delicious celebration meal as they listened to Julian Alvarez, the keynote speaker. Alvarez mentioned that communication was the key to any job, and he encouraged and reminded the Ambassadors to surround themselves with positive people because one knows who you are by the company you keep. He half-jokingly said, “If people ask if you’re tired, that’s a compliment. That means you’re working hard!”

Senior testimonials were provided by Nancy Correa, Yaslin Castillo, and Heather May from Lyford High School. The ladies shared their experiences as RGV LEAD Regional Ambassadors and mentioned how they would apply the leadership skills they have learned.

Luis Rodriguez, RGV LEAD Executive Director, and Vivian Espinosa, TSTC Acting Vice President of Career Services, had the pleasure of senior RGV LEAD Regional Ambassadors with their certificates of completion. Maricela De Leon, RGV LEAD Board President, proudly concluded the event with closing remarks, including words of celebration and encouragement for a prosperous future.

RGV LEAD wishes all graduating Regional Ambassadors the best!

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