RGV LEAD Is Moving

August 19, 2019 | RGV LEAD

We are pleased to announce that RGV LEAD will have a new office on September 1, 2019.

RGV LEAD is relocating its offices to Weslaco, Texas, where we’ll be housed with the Rio Grande Valley Partnership at 322 South Missouri Avenue.  Staff will be moving during August, and RGV LEAD will open its doors at the new location on September 3 (the day after Labor Day).  The RGV Partnership and RGV LEAD serve the same region, and the two organizations have harmonious goals.

The Rio Grande Valley Partnership is the Valley’s regional chamber of commerce.  The organization’s vision is to catalyze prosperity in the Rio Grande Valley.  The Partnership’s mission is to drive advancement in the Rio Grande Valley by unifying stakeholders in the spirit of collaboration and regional progress and by being an influential advocate for the region.

RGV LEAD’s vision is to build the region’s intellectual capital by facilitating collaboration between employers, community leaders, and educators from public schools, colleges, and universities to assist students in acquiring the academic and career skill sets necessary for higher education, careers, and life.  RGV LEAD’s mission is to partner with students in college-and-career-focused learning opportunities to achieve a higher level of competence in the workforce.

RGV LEAD’s goals support the Partnership’s mission of driving advancement and unifying stakeholders in the spirit of collaboration.  We look forward to a growing partnership in the future.

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