RGV LEAD Ambassadors’ Virtual Young Leaders Summit

Vol. 2, Iss. 5 | January 2021

A summit for students, led by students! The RGV LEAD Ambassadors conducted the Young Leaders’ Summit on January 20th. The summit began at 9:00 a.m. and concluded at noon. Abigail Gauna from Mission High School gave the opening remarks and led in the Pledge of Allegiance. She then introduced Luis Rodriguez to all the Ambassadors in attendance. Sophia Silva from Sharyland Pioneer High School gave Lizzy Putegnat, RGV LEAD Board chair, a warm welcome. Manuela Gracia, Los Fresnos High School, introduced the keynote speaker, Susana Chapa, professor at UTRGV for the College of Liberal Arts and Business and Entrepreneurship. Chapa delivered an outstanding, motivational speech on the qualities of leadership. (See page for the speech.) 

After the keynote speaker’s speech, Mission High School Ambassadors led an ice-breaker team-building activity called “Never Have I.” Students were told to hold up ten fingers and put one down each time they had done something the caller announced. Ambassadors left holding up the most fingers for not having done something were declared winners. 

Ambassadors then reported to breakout sessions to hear presentations on Improving Your Mental Health During the Pandemic by Mercedes ISD Ambassadors, How to Promote and Support Extra-Curricular Activities to Promote School Spirit, Unity, and Pride by Los Fresnos ISD Ambassadors, and a session on how to approach a team member who isn’t pulling their weight by La Feria ISD Ambassadors. The Ambassadors reconvened in the general session and reflected on their findings from the sessions. 

The Brownsville ISD Lopez ECHS Ambassadors concluded the Ambassador presentations with an activity telling the members to “talk to their younger self 20 years from now. They were to think of what they would say about how they used their leadership skills during this pandemic, their challenges, and how they could adjust to the changes. The scenarios allowed Ambassadors to share their current experiences. 

Dr. Norma Salaiz, the founder of the RGV LEAD Ambassador program, congratulated the Ambassadors on a well-delivered summit and encouraged them always to take the initiative to do something new. She also shared information on the upcoming Ambassador Team Challenge. 

Heather May, Lyford CISD Ambassador, gave the closing remarks and reminded Ambassadors, “Stay safe. Stay positive.” 

Summit Highlights

RGV LEAD Ambassadors'
Leaders Summit

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