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RGV LEAD Scholars Program

Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Changes as of May 20, 2019

NOTICE:  RGV LEAD Scholars Focus Group Meeting Set for August 5, 2019

Representatives of Brownsville ISD, Edinburg CISD, La Joya ISD, Los Fresnos CISD, McAllen ISD, Mission CISD, Point Isabel ISD, Sharyland ISD, South Texas College, Texas State Technical College, and the Region One Education Service Center met with RGV LEAD in Harlingen on May 20 to discuss changes to regional systems required by changes in state policy.  The Texas Education Agency is in the process of phasing out the system of statewide-articulated credits known as Advanced Technical Credit (ATC).  The last ATC courses are being offered in 2018-2019, and students have until 2023 to claim credit for satisfactory completion of those courses.  (Local articulation options are still available, based on agreements between individual school districts and individual colleges.)  The group of partners discussed possible changes in three systems:

CATEMA (Career and Technical Education Management).  RGV LEAD has provided the CATEMA system since 2003 with the goal of helping school district partners advise students about articulated credits.   Based on the May 20 discussions, RGV LEAD will phase out its CATEMA system on August 31, 2019.

Transition Counseling Materials.  RGV LEAD provides Transition Counseling materials for its partners through its website.  RGV LEAD developed these materials in collaboration with the Region One Education Service Center, South Texas College, Texas Southmost College, Texas State Technical College, and individual school district representatives.  The group discussed these resources.  RGV LEAD will work with its partners to update the Transition Counseling resources in the coming year.

RGV LEAD Scholars:  Articulated credit courses are currently named in the criteria for graduation as an RGV LEAD Scholar, and the group discussed possible changes to the criteria.  The group did not come to a consensus on May 20, so these discussions are continuing.  Interested partners are requested to note these important dates:

  • June 4: This is the date by which individuals are to send suggested revisions to the criteria for graduation as an RGV LEAD Scholar. (ONLINE FORM)
  • August 5: The group will reconvene on August 5 to finalize its recommendations for RGV LEAD Scholars criteria.  Preregistration is strongly encouraged.

Once the Focus Group recommendations are completed, recommendations will be presented for approval by RGV LEAD’s Marketing & Awards Committee and then the full RGV LEAD Board.  RGV LEAD has offered its Scholars program continuously since 1999, and well over 100,000 high school seniors have graduated with Scholars honors during that time.  Changes in criteria are made as required by changes in state policy.


Please send your suggested revisions to PAT BUBB on or before the end of the day on Tuesday, June 4, 2019


  1. Complete all courses required for the Foundation High School Program (FHSP) with at least one Endorsement.
  2. Complete the high school portion of a six- or eight-year program of study that includes, in high school, a coherent sequence of two or more career and technical education courses for 3 or more credits.
  3. Complete at least two college-level courses as part of the high school graduation plan. Each college-level course must meet all of the following requirements:
    1. Must be a career and technical education course is taken for high school credit
    2. Must be either an articulated course for which the student has earned a grade of 80 or better or a dual-credit course for which the student has earned a passing grade.
    3. Must be a course that is included in a college-and-career-focused program of study graduation plan.
  4. Complete a declaration of intent to be an RGV LEAD Scholar.

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