RGV LEAD Ambassadors: LEADership in a Time of Change

Vol. 2, Iss.3 | November 2020

The RGV LEAD Ambassadors Fall Training workshop kicked off on November 12th, focusing on “Leadership in a Time of Change.” Dr. Norma Salaiz and Janie Johnston Lopez led the virtual Zoom meeting. Returning and incoming Ambassadors reviewed the roles and expectations of serving as RGV LEAD Ambassadors and were then sent to chat rooms to share their feelings about this COVID-19 period. They discussed how the virus has impacted their school schedules, socializing with others, and extra-curricular activities and were reminded, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Ambassadors were tasked to talk about the positives of the quarantine period. The consistent answer was,

It’s given us more time to spend with our family and get to know each other better.

Each chat room selected a leader, reporter, presenter, and timekeeper. After spending time in the chat room, the Ambassadors regrouped and shared their findings. All agreed they needed this activity to vent their feelings and said they didn’t feel alone.

The meeting concluded with the Ambassadors being assigned to log on to Google Classroom to download and work on activities they will present at the Young Leaders Summit in January. Some activities include skits the Ambassadors can use at their respective schools to promote leadership skills, student bonding, and community service.

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