RGV LEAD Ambassador Fall Workshop Planning

Vol.2, Iss. 2 | October 2020

RGV LEAD Ambassador Fall Workshop Planning

Leadership in a Time of Change

WHAT A YEAR this has been! Not even the “new normal” seems normal. Just when we thought students would be able to return to their classrooms, even if it meant wearing masks and practicing social distancing, leaders have had to take a step back and re-assess what is in the best interest of all parties concerned and decide when the best time really is for them to return to class.

One could say that this has been a trying experience for the government and for school leaders who have had to make decisions, not based on popularity, but on many discussions: facts, pros and cons, and many other leadership traits needed to get the job done. That’s what leadership entails. Isn’t this a lesson that we should be handing down to our Valley students? Shouldn’t we be taking the time to point out the leadership skills the administrators are having to use for the greater good of all?

With this in mind, RGV LEAD has chosen to carry the theme Leadership in a Time of Change for the 2020 RGV LEAD Ambassador Fall Leadership workshop. The Ambassadors will be introduced to the concept of using leadership skills to confront change and then will break up into virtual rooms to work on problem-solving scenarios together. The ultimate goal will be for them to get creative and come up with solutions.

They will then need to think of ways they can teach their peers about taking leadership roles despite sudden changes in their lives. The Fall Workshop is going to be exciting! Stay tuned to the November newsletter to see what great ideas these strong LEAD Ambassadors leaders come up with!

Pictured:  RGV LEAD Staff discusses the upcoming Ambassador Fall Workshop.

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