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RGV LEAD’s Scholars program has operated for over 20 years, and over a hundred thousand students have graduated with honors as college-and-career-focused Scholars graduates during that time.

RGV LEAD scholars is a graduate-recognition program developed and managed by the RGV LEAD Board. Tens of thousands of students have graduated with honors through the program since it began in 1999. Participating in RGV LEAD Scholars encourages high school students to develop and complete college-and-career graduation plans. A student must fulfill defined requirements to graduate as an RGV LEAD Scholar Requirements change from time to time, keeping with changing state graduation requirements.

To graduate as an RGV LEAD Scholar, a student must meet all four of these requirements:

  1. Complete all courses required for the Foundation High School Program (FHSP).
  2. Complete at least one endorsement from a CTE option.
  3. Earn an industry-based certificate or license through the selected CTE option or earn a passing grade for at least two college-level courses through the selected CTE option.
  4. Complete a declaration of intent to be an RGV LEAD Scholar.

Each school year RGV LEAD presents a $5,000 scholarship to the outstanding student who graduated as an RGV LEAD Scholar and charted a path to higher education through participation in the college-and-career-focused programs promoted by RGV LEAD. The Scholarship encourages students to complete their programs of study and exit high school well-prepared for their futures.

Now more than ever, your gifts to RGV LEAD tremendously impact Rio Grande Valley students.  RGV LEAD inspires the next generation of leaders, problem-solvers, and lifesavers through your generosity. With your support, we will continue to move with RGV LEAD Scholarships.

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