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The Education & Career EXPO, which began in 2004, allows employers to showcase careers and colleges and universities to showcase related education opportunities, providing the opportunity for high school students–especially seniors–to learn about these opportunities and interact with representatives of these organizations.

RGV LEAD coordinates activities of the leadership team for the EXPO, a community-wide effort by businesses, educators, and community leaders working together to help Valley high school students prepare for career success.

The EXPO is a community sustainability initiative that will help us “grow our own” future workforce by providing students with a comprehensive variety of potential career options and positive motivation.

The EXPO includes events focused on various aspects of college and career preparation and success. The exhibits provide interactive, hands-on opportunities for students to investigate and learn more about college-and-career options in The Valley.  Workforce Solutions Cameron is a major sponsor of this event, including the Rio Grande Valley Chapter of Associated General Contractors, Harlingen Manufacturers Association, Texas Southmost College, Texas Gas Service, and others.

The EXPO is a staple event in the Rio Grande Valley.  It’s designed to present high school students with the opportunity to flex their educational muscles and meet with prospective higher education institutions and employers while still in high school to prepare for careers after college.  Also, the EXPO helps students cover more ground and meet with numerous organizations in a short timeframe.

The EXPO is beneficial to students for a range of reasons that aren’t limited to finding their career paths. While that may be the end goal, there are plenty of other opportunities to be found at these events.

For students trying to break into an industry, the EXPO provides excellent direct networking opportunities and the chance to learn from someone in the career a student hopes to one day have.  Additionally, students can get career feedback while still in school.  And while students may feel they’ve narrowed down their future professional options, The EXPO provides insight into industries they may not have considered previously.

The EXPO is an excellent opportunity for students to efficiently inquire and effectively learn about several educational and career paths.

In 2020, RGV LEAD held its first virtual EXPO due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The event was still a success that brought in over 1,000 participants. Planning is underway for EXPO 2021, which is in September 2021.

The 2021 event marks the 20th anniversary of the Education & Career EXPO.  The coronavirus pandemic continues to impact planning activities; however, the EXPO committee is planning a virtual event featuring college and university programs of study.

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