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Entrepreneurship Regional Challenge

The Regional Entrepreneurship Challenge was launched in 2018 to promote and encourage entrepreneurship among the region’s high school students. Student teams are invited to develop and present business plans to meet a societal need through a new product or service. The teams compete and are judged by a panel of community leaders. Cash prizes are awarded to the top teams to allow them to develop their ideas further.

Partners: Career Bridge, UTRGV- Center for Innovation and Commercialization, RGV Partnership, and Texas Gas Service.

The Entrepreneurship Regional Challenge is a yearly event in the Rio Grande Valley.  It’s designed to help students apply their knowledge and skills to commercial opportunities. Determining the entrepreneurship’s worth through analysis of their strategies and practices is critical for those who want to invest. Being able to describe one’s own vision thereafter becomes invaluable when ready to leap into business ownership.

Entrepreneurship help students become independent and channel their creativity into creating something of their own in this competitive world. Studying entrepreneurship enhances the analytical and logical skills that enable them to solve problems.

Educating students about entrepreneurship can help them develop real-world skills to lead extraordinary lives in this time-paced and fast-changing world. The future is uncertain, and everyone should be ready to face and conquer.

High school entrepreneurs might be strong-willed individuals with unique dreams but aren’t do-it-yourselfers. The best of them walk hand in hand with strong partners.

Donations matter. A lot.  Your dollar or handful of change may not seem like a lot, but adding it to everyone else’s can make a difference in the RGV LEAD initiatives like the Entrepreneurship Regional Challenge.

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