Pioneer High School RGV LEAD Mentoring Program

Feb. 2023 | Vol. 4, Iss. 6

Pioneer High School RGV LEAD Ambassadors Kaleb, Joseph, Miranda, Mia, and Julia participate in the RGV LEAD-inspired mentoring program. The district is taking the mentoring program to a new level and including it in a project-based activity. These students meet with their mentor, Janie Johnston Lopez, RGV LEAD contractor, once a month to set goals and review their project timeline.

They are working on two projects: promoting school spirit and getting more students involved in school activities. One activity that they will be promoting is the upcoming “Powder Puff” games. The goal is to get more students to attend the game and to increase crowd involvement. They are creating posters and flyers to share with students who are shy or somewhat reluctant to participate. Sometimes, getting people to come out of their shells is all it takes to help them become more comfortable around students they don’t already know, which then prepares them for college or the world of work. To start a mentoring program, contact RGV LEAD.

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