Message From RGV LEAD Board President

June 2022 | Vol.3, Iss. 10

Lizzy de la Garza Putegnat, RGV LEAD Board President, and Titan Fuel were pleased to announce that the Executive Committee agreed that moving forward, the Board meetings will return to being in person (not hybrid).

We didn’t take that decision lightly. Given that school districts, higher ed, and most (if not all) businesses and boards are back to meeting in person (as well as conferences) we felt it was time to do the same. Those of us who have served on the board pre-pandemic can attest to the fact that (pre-pandemic) when we would all meet together in that boardroom, it just lent itself for more unity, discussion, and engagement from everyone.  We know it’s not as convenient, but for 30 years, board members met in person, and we believe we owe it to the organization.

We had such a wonderful and engaging RGV LEAD – Rio Grande Valley Linking Economic and Academic Development Board Meeting!! It was so great to be back in person 100%. We surely missed the amazing dialogue that takes place at these meetings when everyone is gathered together! Lots of incredible things happening at RGV LEAD thanks to the partnerships and collaborative efforts!! RGV LEAD is taking on new, bold, and innovative initiatives that will help take our organization to the next level! On that note, I’d like to give a big shout-out to Luis, Eliza, Denisse, Mayra, Norma, Felipe, Janie, Quinn, and Carolina for the amazing job they do day in and day out to make sure RGV LEAD is the region’s leading intermediary organization between educators, employers, and economic development partners.

Last but not least, huge thanks to all Board Members for volunteering your time, energy, expertise, talents, and resources! This organization would not have survived without your leadership – especially those that have served for many years. Thank you.

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