Vol.2, Iss. 12 | August 2021

Schneider Electric Gives to RGV LEAD

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.
~ John Quincy Adams

Lizzy de la Garza Putegnat, RGV LEAD Board President, exemplifies what a great leader is. Putegnat is constantly working to improve, not only RGV LEAD but the Rio Grande Valley community as a whole. It is easy to recognize the passionate drive Putegnat has in supporting her roles as an Account Executive for Schneider Electric and as a civic organization leader. She searches for ways to better the world around her through her job and volunteerism.

In August, Putegnat presented a check from the Schneider Electric Foundation for $15,000 to RGV LEAD. This past year, she applied for 3 grants from the Foundation to support RGV LEAD’s mission and vision. Fortunately, RGV LEAD was awarded all 3 grants which will be used to support RGV students’ college and career readiness.

Putegnat has also applied for grants to support 2 other nonprofit organizations while serving as their Board President: the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Cameron and Willacy Counties and Leadership Brownsville, for a total of $30,000 infused right into the local community.

Lizzy de la Garza Putegnat recently shared, “I feel blessed to work for a company like Schneider Electric that is a champion for education, social justice, and leadership development. Schneider Electric’s values are in direct alignment with my own personal values. The company believes in giving back to the community and is always looking for ways to make a positive impact where its employees live, work, and volunteer. The Foundation supports organizations that employees are passionate about, care deeply for, and are heavily involved in. The motto used is, ‘Corporate Giving Powered by Employee Passions.’ I’m also grateful for the opportunity to serve as Board President of RGV LEAD, an amazing organization that has had an incredible impact on the lives of RGV students for the last 30 years!”

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