Career Exploration for Brownsville ISD Elementary Students

March 2022 | Vol.3, Iss. 7

There’s no time like the present to introduce young students to the world of work. Brownsville ISD set out to teach elementary students about various careers that await them in the future. Students were given information about different jobs and advised what they should do now to prepare for a successful future.

Experiencing Careers in a Virtual World

Experiencing Careers in a Virtual World!

Imagine living in a farming community with only a quaint general store, a small post office, and a city hall. Hand-on experiences such as welding and auto mechanics are available at the high school level but not in the community. You also live thirty-two miles from a large city where resources are more readily available! One alternative that San Perlita ISD has taken to narrow the gap, in partnership with RGV LEAD, is to use TransfrVR. TransfrVR is a career-based virtual reality oculus system that deals with manufacturing, automotive, hospitality, and tourism, with more to come. The technology gives students a hands-on experience without leaving the classroom.

Pictured are 7th-grade San Perlita ISD GEAR UP students participating in the TransfrVR virtual reality experience.

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