Vol.2, Iss. 2 | October 2020

BLING Honors RGV LEAD Board Member
Christina Lopez-Garza

Christina Lopez Garza, RGV LEAD Board member, was honored as BLING’s Non-Traditional Role Model.

Christina is a successful business owner in the insurance sales industry. While the number of female small business owners has increased over the years, it is still an industry that is comprised mostly of males. Being a Hispanic female insurance agent, Christina is part of the 13.4% that makes up that demographic. Christina gravitates toward individuals that are self-made, hardworking, and humble. One such person is her grandmother, Lilia Johnston, or “Mamo” as she called her.

Mrs. Johnston came from parents who never finished elementary school, yet valued education highly and stressed the importance to their daughter, so, “Mamo” dedicated herself to her studies and graduated in three years as the Valedictorian of her high school class in Rio Grande City. Because she knew the importance of education, she went on to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Pan American College. She pursued her education while also raising a family of 4 girls with her husband. She overcame obstacles in her adult life as well, but her positive outlook on life never wavered. She and Christina’s grandfather earned their bachelor’s and master’s degrees, saved money, always donated to the church and to those in need, gave their children and grandchildren unconditional love and support, and truly lived the American dream.

It is clear to see where Christina inherited her caring and giving nature, as well as her strong work ethic. During her spare time, Christina enjoys reading, running, and traveling. Some of her favorite books and podcasts include works by Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar. Another person she enjoys watching on YouTube is Darren Hardy. BLING thanks Christina for sharing her story with us and being a BLING Role Model! To learn more about her profession, you can follow Christina at www.christinamyagent.com or on her social media pages at Instagram: @RGVinsurancegal

Special acknowledgment: BLING (Building Leadership in Non-Traditional Girls) is the brainchild of ten-year-old Victoria Gonzalez, who dares to be as feminine as a beauty contestant, but a force to be reckoned with in male-dominated activities.

Source – Facebook: Christina Lopez Garza-State Farm Agent

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