March 2022 | Vol.3, Iss. 7

The Powerful Benefits of Mentoring

Imagine that you are a high school student interested in meteorology, and you want to learn more about it from an expert in the field. You would like to have someone mentor you so that you can ask in-depth questions about a career that could change your future.

This is exactly what Alyssa Tenente, Sharyland High School mentee got to do as part of the Sharyland ISD Mentor Program, modeled after the RGV LEAD Mentor Program. Alyssa spent time with her mentor, Meteorologist, Sergio Puente from KRGV Channel 5 News. As part of the visit, Alyssa was able to observe and ask questions, not only specific to meteorology but the world of work.

Sharyland ISD has implemented the RGV Mentors model and has actively engaged community industry/business partners in its program.

The RGV Mentors Program

The RGV Mentors is a student-centered program. While mentoring includes elements of traditional tutoring, the goals, and process of successful coaching reach further and deeper to teach students to become more effective learners, not simply to survive the crisis of the day. The RGV Mentors program is built on helping students develop long-term habits for success. Trained and ex-pert individuals contributed to the original program design and curriculum.

RGV LEAD continues to give the Mentorship Training Guide to districts when requested, and RGV LEAD sends a representative to district mentorship events when invited. RGV Mentors utilizes a “life coach,” a comprehensive mentoring style to ensure that participating students graduate from high school with a college and career ready mindset. RGV Mentors match Mentors (successful community professionals) with Protégés (high school students) to prepare young people for today’s skilled workforce.

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