RGV Mentors

RGV Mentors utilizes a “life coach,” a comprehensive mentoring style to ensure that participating students graduate from high school with a college and career-ready mindset. RGV Mentors match Mentors (successful community professionals) with Protégés (high school students) to prepare young people for today’s skilled workforce.

RGV Mentors includes two components: School-Based Mentoring, designed primarily for first-year high school students and sophomores, and Community-Based Mentoring, which focuses on engaging mentors drawn from the business and community leadership sectors. The program features a curriculum designed to guide, but not limit, the mentoring process, including guidelines and training about program rules.

The RGV Mentors is a student-centered program.  While mentoring includes elements of traditional tutoring, the goals, and process of successful coaching reach further and deeper to teach students to become more effective learners, not simply to survive the crisis of the day.

The RGV Mentors program is built on the premise of helping students develop long-term habits for success.  Trained and expert individuals contributed to the original program design and curriculum. RGV LEAD continues to give the Mentorship training Guide to districts when requested, and RGV LEAD sends a representative to district mentorship events when invited.

The program is currently functioning only in situations in which school district staff have taken on responsibility for the implementation.  RGV LEAD continues to provide guidance and assistance as requested.

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