RGV LEAD Ambassadors

What is an RGV LEAD Ambassador?

The answer is a current high school student who has personal experiences and relationships with their school. He/she has a unique perspective that resonates with his/her peers, faculty, and parents and helps his/her school easily stand out within the target audience.

What does the RGV LEAD Ambassador do?

The student ambassador adds a layer of transparency and authenticity to students’ interactions with their schools and peers. Because it feels more personal, this allows students to develop more meaningful relationships, building their trust and loyalty along the way.

The student ambassador’s stories and experiences can be more potent than the school’s branded content. Personal anecdotes and testimonials can address worries about the classroom environment, accommodations, academics, and other areas of their school, making a positive message much more impactful.

RGV LEAD Student Ambassadors are advocates for resources and information that reinforce a college and career mindset for their peers. They know which factors their peers weigh when considering post-secondary education, and they can quickly zero in on concerns, speaking to them from a more authentic place. Worries about the classroom environment, accommodations, academics, and other areas of their school can be addressed through personal anecdotes and testimonials, making a positive message much more impactful.

They work alongside high school coordinators to assist in the creation and execution of various student-focused events. Ambassadors help with multiple efforts, such as calling or emailing students, assisting with campus tours, offering Q&As with new students and their families, and staying in touch with newly admitted students. They’re often present during open houses, campus tours, orientation events, and RGV LEAD off-campus events.

Student Benefits

RGV LEAD offers all students a unique opportunity to become ambassadors for their school, otherwise known as RGV LEAD Ambassadors.

By being the student ambassador in your school, you prove your willingness to ‘go the extra mile,’ which will help you to stand out in post-secondary applications and job interviews.

Student ambassadors give their school brand a more personal and human voice, encouraging peers to trust their overall message. While staff members are seen as authority figures, students often see ambassadors as peers and equals. They may feel more comfortable asking them pointed questions about day-to-day campus experiences, which helps ambassadors build their communication, scheduling, and leadership skills.

Great student ambassador qualities include:

  • Being well-connected and involved in student organizations and activities
  • Having experience or interest in marketing and communications
  • Being a talented content creator, able to produce content that suits your school’s brand and voice
  • Having an existing online presence, ideally with high engagement or follower count
  • Being genuinely interested in your school and its brand, mission, or values

While staff members are seen as authority figures, students often see ambassadors as peers and equals. They may feel more comfortable asking them pointed questions about day-to-day campus experiences.

There are many benefits to running an RGV LEAD Ambassador program at The Valley schools.

  • Students develop and flex their skills in leadership, public speaking, organization, collaboration (with both peers and adults), and service to others.
  • Educators build and strengthen their college access efforts with direct student input.
  • Students and educators help more students at their school learn about the chance to earn scholarships for taking essential steps in the college planning process.
  • Students serve as regional ambassadors who plan and conduct leadership, college, and career readiness initiatives for their peers.

Oneida, V. Molina, La Feria High School Ambassador

“I have learned a lot from RGV LEAD in so many different aspects. I plan to go into the medical field after high school. It is a field-based on teamwork and communication; because of this, I joined RGV LEAD to gain experience and prepare in these areas. I am happy to say that RGV LEAD has surpassed my expectations and has given me insight into skills and networking that will benefit me in the future. RGV LEAD conferences and summits provide students with fundamental leadership skills required for success. Thank you!”

Renee Huddleston, Pioneer CTE Counselor, Sharyland ISD

“The COVID pandemic did bring various changes to how the RGV LEAD Ambassadors carried out their activities; however, they did not allow the situation to keep them from carrying out their goals for the year. They used their leadership skills to create various social media accounts such as Instagram and TIK TOKS to help encourage students to join CTE classes and organizations. Other activities included a virtual mentor program, virtual CTE tours to elementary students, and district leadership workshops. Despite the pandemic, Ambassadors were able to find ways to build on their leadership development.”

For the 2021-22 school, the program will continue to allow students to participate virtually.  As the number of COVID cases goes up, RGV LEAD wants to ensure the safety of the students.  All events will be held almost through the end of 2021.  RGV LEAD will revisit the format of events in 2022.


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