Academic Leadership Alliance Goes Virtual!

Vol. 2, Iss. 8 | April 2021

Educators from several school districts across the Rio Grande Valley met on March 31st to gather information from RGV LEAD on the pilot A-L-A Summer Educator Externship scheduled for June 14 – 18. Educators participating in the program will be paired with businesses related to the subjects they are teaching. An example would be a math teacher visiting a construction site to better understand how to integrate the need for math in the career area.

Employer topics will include: “Employability Profile”, “Getting the Job”, “Keeping the Job”, “Employee Growth”, “Industry Career Opportunities”, “Job Opportunities”, “Employee/School Partnerships”, and “Employee Panel.” Participants will be allowed time to ask questions and continue the dialog on how to best prepare students for the world of work.

Lesson plans for Fall 2021 will be developed during the week-long externship and based on what the teachers have learned through the externship experience. Careful planning has ensured a great learning experience for Valley educators. Districts are encouraged to take advantage of this unique externship opportunity.

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