February 26, 2020

Registration Deadline March 9, 2020, 4 p.m.


2020-2021 RGV LEAD Student Ambassador Team Challenge

RGV LEAD is inviting teams of students interested in leadership development to participate in the RGV LEAD Student Ambassador Team Challenge. Each high school is invited to submit applications from up to two teams of leaders from the campus to serve as 2020-2021 RGV LEAD Regional Student Ambassadors. RGV LEAD is seeking teams of current 9th – 11th grade students (2-5 per team) who will join a regional leadership collaborative that is focused on developing participants’ leadership skills and improving educational and employability opportunities in the Valley.

  • Each prospective team must submit a two-part application:
    • A 2 to 3-minute video presentation on a leadership topic chosen by the team (videos must be submitted digitally to RGV LEAD). Add video(s) to YouTube Account and send RGV LEAD a link. If you do not have a YouTube Account, then please send via one-drive or google-drive with correct access to download.
    • Team registration form with a one-page typed essay attached (using 12-point-font) that answers the following Team Challenge Question:

      Describe one leadership project your team will implement at your campus during the 2020-2021 school year that will promote leadership development among your peers.

    • Each team’s presentation will be judged by current RGV LEAD 12th grade Regional Ambassadors and RGV LEAD staff using the attached Team Leadership Rubric.

NOTE:  If the campus is registering two teams, please make sure the team number is clearly noted on essays and videos that are submitted.

Example:  Team 1, Edinburg High School  |  Team 2, Edinburg High School

IMPORTANT NOTE: Current RGV LEAD Regional Ambassadors who are not graduating this year do not have to audition again. They remain Ambassadors until they graduate, unless the campus sponsor denies permission due to inactivity or behavior.

4 P.M. ON MARCH 9, 2020.

E-mail registration form, essay, and video link to: rgvlead@rgvlead.org

Questions, contact Eliza Groff: egroff@rgvlead.org

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