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We provide award-winning programs to Accelerate Innovation, Leadership Development, Strategy Execution, & Value Creation for RGV LEAD.


RGV LEAD is focused on helping the Rio Grande Valley develop its most valuable asset: the intellectual capital of its people, especially the students moving through the Valley’s public schools. It consists of their education, life, and work experiences.

All RGV LEAD initiatives encourage students to participate in college- and career-focused programs of study that support students’ success. Selecting a specific career field with an established course of study and/or link to the job market puts high school students on a proven path to success.


  • Goal 1: Support and enhance regional education and workforce development partnerships.

  • Goal 2: Support and enhance regional student college and career readiness initiatives.

  • Goal 3: Ensure RGV LEAD’s long-term sustainability as a vital regional organization.


To foster partnerships between education and industry to equip students with college and career readiness that meets the region’s highly skilled workforce demands.

An educated and highly skilled Rio Grande Valley prepared for the global workforce. 

Providing our community with information, tools, and services to help them build knowledge, fuel curiosity, and unlock opportunities. 

Our greatest asset is our people.  With more than 30 years of service, RGV LEAD has deep, practical expertise earned through experience with school districts, state education leaders, and the private sector. We promise to advance coherence in the Rio Grande Valley by building focus and coordination, cultivating authentic relationships, and changing behaviors at scale. 

  • Leadership 
  • Collaboration 
  • Integrity 
  • Excellence 
  • Accountability 




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